A simple flat file photo gallery

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Picturo is a simple flat file photo gallery running. No admin, you just need to drop your pictures in the content to publish your pictures. Picturo is heavily inspired by Pico, but it’s for photos.


You can try Picturo here, actually the demo is private but you can login with the following credentials :


To run Picturo you will need PHP 5.2.4+ and GD Library on your server. If you’re running Apache you will also require mod_rewrite to be enabled.


  1. First download Picturo and extract it on your server.
  2. Change ownership and permission of the cache folder to the user of your web server set permissions to 777 so you’ll be able to delete cache if needed.
  3. Upload your folders of pictures into content.
  4. Customize settings by editing config.php in the root folder of Picturo. To override a setting simply uncomment it in config.php and set your custom value.

Privatize your site

Picturo can keep your galleries private, you just have to edit config.php and set private variable to true and add a user. By default, there is an admin user with the password “admin” in the configuration file. Just uncomment the two following lines to enable private galleries :

$config['private'] = true;
$config['private_pass']['admin'] = 'd033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997';

Passwords are SHA-1 strings, you can generate your passwords online here.

Add galleries

Your photos must be stored in content folder, if you want to add a gallery you just need to create a folder within your content folder.

Galleries thumbnail are generated with the first picture found in the folder.

Create your own theme

Picturo supports themes with Twig as templating engine they are located in the themes folder.

All themes must include two files :

If you want to keep your galleries private, you will need a third file “login.html”.

Each file will have a basic set of variable, plus specific variable.

Default variables, available for all files :

Variables for gallery.html, which will list all folders and pictures :

Variables for detail.html, which will display one picture :

Variables for login.html, which will display the login form :

Thumbnail generation

For easy thumbnail generation in your theme, there is an helper function available in your views.
You should use the function picturo_thumbnail in your views.

For example, if you want to generate a squared 300px by 300px thumbnail, insert the following line in your view :

{% picturo_thumbnail(thumbnail_url, 300, 300) %}

Thumbnail will be be automagically created in a folder matching the size of the thumbnail !

Other themes

I plan to release some others theme later, but if your want to create your own I recommend to check the default theme and use Twig template for easy theming.

And please, show me your theme if you want to share it.


Help make Picturo better by checking out the GitHub repoistory and submitting pull requests. If you find a bug please report it on the issues page.